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When buying a house, there are various ways to start researching where you would like to live and to be more informed as a buyer.  Please feel free to go through the links.  If you would like help, please contact me at 480-440-9433.



General Information


Arizona Buyer Advisory Form


National Association of Realtors


Housing and Urban Development: Fair Housing Information


Arizona Government


Home Specific Information


Lead Based Paint Information


Termite History

Maricopa Tax Record Search


How to Research a Neighborhood


Most Importantly: Talk to neighbors about the history of the property and neighborhood!


Crime Search


Sex Offender Search


School District Search


Freeway Construction and Traffic


Environmantal Concerns/Air Quality/Water Quality/Superfund Sites


City Profile Report


Military Airports and Public Airports


Zoning: Phoenix; Scottsdale; Tucson; Elsewhere


Subdivision Public Reports


Water Information


Soil Expansion


Mortgage Services


Ed Arriola, PHH Mortgage.  520-250-0527 or


Tom Maison, Primary Residential Mortgage.  602-206-3144 or


Your personal bank or credit union








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